Thursday, 27 January 2011

And so it begins....

A belated "Happy New Year" to everyone out there, it has been a very busy, busy, busy time lately and not forgetting rather snowy, snowy, snowy to boot as well! Thankfully the snow has thawed, for now anyway, along with the sub-zero temperatures and the new year has come around with gusto. Can anyone remember seeing the New Year in? No? Looks like you had a good time then!

And so it begins..... The Development Racing Team are proud to announce the 2011 sponsors, first and foremost we're staying onboard with Frank Wadelton's 'FTW Industries' frames, we have been blown away by their performance throughout 2010, they're absolutely amazing, strong as you like, hardcore downhill weaponry. In addition to FTW we're working in conjunction with 'GoPro HD' cameras. Completely over the moon with GoPro coming on board. For those not in the know; GoPro are the market leaders with onboard high definition video cameras, they are simply awesome and very highly respected. You will literally be there riding with Nick down all of the courses and so much more besides, we have various camera mounting hardware so there's going to be a lot of footage coming soon. For more information have a look at their website:

Will keep y'all in the loop once videos have been edited and uploaded, exciting times.

On top of this we have a new helmet sponsor for 2011, Urge. They are a French company who have been working hard with a top pro downhiller, Fabien Barel, on their product range, it has certainly turned up trumps. The result is a very protective and indeed aesthetic lid like no other on the market, it's just gorgeous isn't it! More info can be found here:

There will be another blog shortly once the strip design has been finalised.

A big, huge, massive, mammoth THANK YOU is going out to all the people involved with the 2011 team, without you guys we simply wouldn't exist:

Hayes Brake Company - disk brake systems
Sun-Ringle - wheels
SRAM/RockShox - gearing and forks
Thomson - seat posts and stems
Maxxis - tyres
Oury - grips
Burgtec - bars and pedals
Five Ten - shoes
Royal Racing - racing apparel
EVS - body armour

We are going back to having the team jerseys custom made this year, it's very important for the team's professional identity. Alongside the strip design work I am also planning new t'shirt designs as well, this is certainly keeping me out of mischief!

Nick has been busy with his winter training regime; sweating it out at the gym, rock climbing, putting the miles in on the road and hitting the trails at Hamsterley Forest. He's feeling good about his year, so let's get it started!

Thank you once again to everyone involved, here's to a great 2011 season.

All the best out there,


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