Thursday, 15 November 2012

New Rider Launch Countdown Commences..... 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... We Have Lift Off.....

I have been looking into expanding the team for a while now, it has been incredibly difficult due to the international financial meltdowns as of late, the knock-on effect being that the team's sponsors all cut back as a direct result.  I will openly admit that 2012 has been a struggle, but we've got through it, we've done bloody well for ourselves considering.  Sorry to bang my own drum here but both Angie and Nick have been amazing this past season.  As well as plenty of podiums along the way, Angie kicked arse on her first Megavalanche event and Nick pulled off the Northern Champs title, this all deserves some raised glasses in my books!  Coming into the off-season, each rider's training is already well underway and we're lumbering up for 2013 to kick off good and, do I make the jump with a new rider?

Oh hell yes!  I've bitten the bullet and taken on a new enduro rider and despite his still young years he's actually an old hand on the race scene having raced downhill competitively since the early 90's.  Shall I just get straight on with it and put you all out of your misery?!

OK, well here's the main clue:

Photo copyright of Disney/Pixar

Have you guessed yet?


OK, OK, OK, I'll get on with it, I would like to introduce you all to Stephen 'Seagull' Foster.

Photo courtesy and copyright of Ian Linton

Seagull's going to be flying The Development's colours on both the UK's and European Enduro racing series, he'll also be dabbling with the odd downhill race too.  He placed 6th overall on the British 2012 Full Gravity Enduro series after only three rounds and a respectful 85th at the Alpes d'Huez Megavalanche, considering it was his first Mega, that's damned good.  He's pushing for the top 40 next year mind you!

Taking in the scenery whilst practising the Megavalanche course

What's that you say?  You want to see him in action?  Hmmmmm?  Oh, OK then, here's a wee video put together by Mr Tiplady:

Stephen has always lead a very active outdoor adventure sports lead life, it is quite literally in his blood, having spent several years as a snowboard instructor around the globe he can also be found surfing the waves and climbing up cliff faces.

I'm very excited about next season, I know for a fact that Stephen's going to settle into the team perfectly what with already riding regularly with both Angie and Nick.  

Photo courtesy and copyright of Ian Linton

A very big "WELCOME ABOARD!" Stephen, now let's all get back out there and kick some ass!

Photo courtesy and copyright of Ian Linton


  1. Good to see you're still knocking around Lee. Good luck to the team and maybes see you around in 2013!


    Grant Buchanan
    (Lew's dad)

    1. Hey there, you can't keep me down, you should know that by now Grant! Hope to see you on the hills next year! :)