Thursday, 24 January 2013

....And Then There Were Four.....

..."..Dr Emmett Brown: If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88 miles per hour... 
you're gonna see some serious shit.."...

Well I never saw this coming, quite out of the blue...... for 2013 we're going back to the future.....

In the middle on the 90's I would say Teesdale Development, as The Development was known at back then, was probably one of the biggest teams on the circuit, if not THE biggest.  Reckon I was managing something like 12 riders at one point, crikey....but by hell, they were absolutely great times and we ripped it up all over the country.  As we still do today, although on a slightly smaller scale.  

Now, you've all been introduced to the Seagull, AKA Steve Foster in a previous blog, well I'd like to (re)introduce you all to Chris Foster, Steve's older brother and a stalwart of the UK mountain bike circuit.

That was back then....

And this is now.... (Photo copyright of Ian Linton)

Like his brother, Chris has been travelling around the globe, rock climbing, snowboarding, white water rafting, hiking, adventure biking (I keep telling him to blog about his past adventures out there on his bikes, believe you me the photos I've seen are amazing and NEED to be shared!) and indeed cutting people up and sewing them back together when he was working in his local hospital, I kid ye not.  His tales about the contents of the 'under-the-operating-theatre-table-bucket' were quite hilarious, especially the one about the dismembered finger!  On top of that I have to say he owned what is probably the best team vehicle we've ever seen, his mighty Mini, legendary!


Chris will be ripping up the expert men's downhill category alongside Nick on the team's handbuilt FTW Industries 'FB10' downhill bikes as well as dabbling here and there with a bit of enduro to keep it all fresh.  Not forgetting the annual foray into the French Alps for the Alpes d'huez Megavalanche later in the year.  Bring it on!

Photo copyright of Ian Linton

Welcome back in the fold Chris, I'm absolutely over the moon that you're back on board and wish you all the very best for the season.

Photo copyright of Ian Linton

 Now, let's get out there and kick some ass!

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