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The Long Road to Cumbria... CXNE Workington Hall, 28th September 2014

So the long road to Workington in Cumbria dragged on like mad. I was really tired from the early start but this didn't stop me from being hyped up for the race and annoying my dad all the way there, but hey that's what dads are for!  Two and a half hours later we arrived at the CXNE venue at Curwen Park and as usual got our kit on, signed up and checked the track out.

I absolutely LOVED the course, probably my favourite so far with it being quite technical and I really liked the kinda downhill sections through the woods. I'd say there were two main climbs that caught every one out, including me, however I like climbing so that was the icing on the cake.

Being at the start line considerably earlier than normal in hindsight may have been a bad idea as my pre-race nerves kicked inI Despite being confident with the course, my nerves were becoming quite noticeable. Not much later I was lined up and then sped off in the mass scramble from the start.

Photo copyright of Alan Draffan

The start itself was really narrow so I sped forwards to get in a good position and was soon the leading woman. This gave my confidence a boost and a welcome dose of extra energy, I was mixing in with the male riders and overtaking some of them!

Photo copyright of Alan Draffan

Photo copyright of Alan Draffan

As I kept passing the pits the spectators informed me about the big gap between myself and the second lady. this gave me really good vibes and I didn't let up.

Photo copyright of Alan Draffan

I crossed the line smiling and really pleased with the day after just taking the first woman and first junior woman position, achievement or what?

At the awards presentation I was given a generous £20 and a bottle of wine which came with the strict rule of having to give the wine to my mam, Ha, the cheek of it! ;)

So there you have it, a major result for me which continues to motivate me to train harder.

Excited for next weekend's race.


Photo copyright of Dave Hopper

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