Wednesday, 26 May 2010

First post, First blog, My god!

Holy gadzooks batman, I'm finally in the blogosphere, my goodness!! Hi there :)

Well, where do I start? OK basics first, my name's Lee and I'm the team manager of an underground UK Downhill Mountain Bike Racing Team called 'The Development'. This has kept me very busy since the mid-90's and as this blog progresses you'll learn all about it; what makes us all tick, all about the background and goodness knows what else! This is the place you come to for up to date news on all things 'Development', scary eh!

Next up will be linking a new Twitter account so you can follow the team riders' shenanigans at the races and hopefully get some Twitpics up too. This is very exciting.

So, how to begin? Firstly I would like to say a big "THANK YOU" to the 2010 team's sponsors and the people who help keep the riders' wheels revolving, in no particular order:

Frank and Becky and their merry posse at FTW Industries
Mickey and the crew at Spooky Bikes
Marti at Oury
Nick at Royal Racing
Martin and the lads at MMA Sports
Diane at Impsport
Dave and the boys at Burgtec
Jon at Hayes Group
Martin at SRAM
Jon at 5:10
James at GoPro
and Gil at

It's a quite a collective as you can see, however without their support the team would not be able to exist, thank you so much guys, it's greatly appreciated.

I received an email today from Becky at FTW confirming the new FB10 DH frame and it's a smasher, I will add some photographs from Frank's blog here:

Ain't that a beauty eh? The front triangle will be done in a metallic purple to match the team's new 2010 Royal Racing strips - PIMP!

So, whose the lucky guy racing on this then? I bring forth Nick Turner, he's up and out there racing in the Expert category. Nick's from the North-East of the UK, the team's 'home ground', and has been racing bikes since he was a nipper. He has been doing very well for himself and he's currently proving to be quite the worthy opponent to the competition. At the moment we're still racing on last year's kit until the FB10 lands next week and then it will be all systems go. I apologise to everyone, it's the same each year waiting for the last bits of kit to arrive yet we get there eventually.

I will get some photo's up of Nick in action from the last few seasons with my next blog so stay tuned!

Now to fathom out how to format these pages properly!

Ciao for now,


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