Saturday, 29 May 2010

Innerleithen iXS Downhill Cup Rnd 1

Been constantly into touch with Nick today who is up at Innerleithen for the first round of the new European iXS Downhill Cup. As some of you are aware it's been touch and go with getting the new frame and strips sorted for this weekend. Frame arrives next week, and Nick got the strips at lunchtime today, phew!

Course is completely new, which is good for Inners as it keeps the place 'on the map' as t'were. Conditions in practise were dry and Nick was ripping it up, really enjoying himself. Today started dry, went through spitty rain and later became, well let's just say a bit more moist! Inners has a tendency to dry out quickly so we're praying the rain eases off.

Nick's happy with his qualifier, he pulled back a bit cos of the course conditions, taking it steady due to a downpour after two days of dust!

Had a wee chat with my mate Ian Linton and grabbed the photo below from him:

More news as it comes,


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