Tuesday, 29 June 2010

BDS Rnd 3 Llangollen, Wales.

Here's Nick with the run down...

I was really lookin' forward to this weekend's race as last year the course was rad. really steep and technical. Walked the track on the morning before practice, think it was about 7.30am and it was just so hot.

Photo courtesy of Jon-e Beckett at Descent-World.co.uk

The track's really open and down one of the steepest hillsides I've raced on so far. The corners were by and largely really dusty and loose, as expected it changed quite a lot during the weekend. The only trees were at the very bottom and they only covered a small section of the track, the heat from the sun immense. This lower section had 3 quite large drops which you would be hitting pretty flat out, awesome, it was a really good test bed for the new bike, flawless!

Photo courtesy of Graham Curtis

Practice went really well, I only had one spill, it wasn't anything major just a front wheel wash-out in a steep dusty corner.

Overall the new bike felt absolutely awesome, the size is perfect for me, really good to throw about, the suspension is just so smooth, thank you so much to the guys at Rock Shox!

Photo courtesy of Graham Curtis

On race day I was just getting ready to go up for my qualifying run and unfortunately saw some kid hit the deck really hard off the final drops, he had to get airlifted out. It was a bit of a head-fuck and delayed the qualifying somewhat. My run wasnt anything to shout about, I took it too cautiously.

I knew that this had to be stepped up come the race run and along the (relatively) flat top straight I was nowhere near as fast as I had, or should have, been. Really tried to hammer it down the rest of the track, it felt good, probably rode the rest of the course the best I had all weekend, however lost too much time up top.

Race run aside, overall the bike feels absolutely great and I'm looking forward to getting it out for the next race, it really suits my riding, thanks so much Frank.

A full race report can be found at http://www.descent-world.co.uk/

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