Wednesday, 18 April 2012

British Downhill Series Rnd 1, Combe Sydenham 15th April 2012

I am totally LOVING my new colourful Fox Racing kit, it stands out loads more and I'm sure that pink makes me go faster!! :D

Travelled down to Combe Sydenham on the Friday, it took about 7 (long!) hours and then I walked the track. I had heard rumours it was going to be a really pedally cross-country fest but it wasn't that bad actually. Had some cool sections in through the trees and then some flat out parts with doubles and table top jumps with a rocky chute at the bottom, not half bad!

Practice went well, a drizzly start to the day but the track dried out super quick by the afternoon. I got about five runs in which wasn't bad considering the uplifts to the top were slow. Did a second track walk and found a few new lines I wanted to try the following morning, felt good.

(Photo courtesy of Paul Aveil)

Sunday came and I only managed one practice run, the seeding run was OK, I went a bit squirrely on a couple of lines and didn't pedal enough on the fire road sections. Took a 5th place but knew I could improve on my time of 3.28.
I'm not normally very good at eating on a race day but forced some food down with the hope it would make a difference and headed up for my race run. Once out of the gate it was evident that I was on a faster run but had slightly messed a line up top, I never got to find out how that panned out however as unfortunately my run got red flagged, a rider in front of me had hit the dirt and was waiting for the medics.
(Photo courtesy of Dave Barton at Burgtec)

So, headed straight back up for a re-run and admittedly was getting pretty tired by this point as had just sprinted all the pedally sections just a few moments before. My final race run was good though, got every line dialled in and knocked the gear down to push it harder which I think made a big difference. I finished 11 seconds faster with a 3.17 which pushed me into 4th place, go me!!

That's my best result in the Elite category so far, I was buzzing!

(Photo courtesy of Adam at AMS Photography)

Had another (loooonnnggggg.....) 7hr journey home after that so I'm off today to chill in the sun!



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