Wednesday, 18 April 2012

North West Mountain Bike Series, Rnd 1 Farmer John's, Stockport, 11th March 2012

How's it going out there? Angie here again!

Had a bit of a last minute decision to race Round 1 of the North West Series.

I've never been there before so I didn't really know what to expect, just knew it was a short track and pretty pedally ......and my god was it pedally! There were loads of built up 'North Shore' bits, jumps, drops etc, really great fun. :)

It was an old-school 'push-up' track with a Sunday only format. It was also full runs only as well, pretty damned hard to get the technical sections dialled at the bottom. Anyway, I think I got four runs in the morning, which was enough. A lot of hard work pushing up all morning and knowing you had to save some energy for your race run. (Lee: but that's how it used to be at all of the races, you lightweight! ;) ).

(Photo courtesy of MJP Photography)

Although I stalled in a turn at the bottom of my first run the rest of it was clean and I put in a 1m 52s (yep, short course racing) time putting me in 1st place. My second run was a lot smoother, pedalled harder up the top but then messed up a bit in the bottom rooty corners which were as slippy as hell, still I went 2 seconds faster giving me a 1.50 and kept my 1st place.

For £25 entry it was a good fun little race and I'm loving racing my downhill bike at the moment. :) Can't wait for Combe Sydenham BDS against the big girls!

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