Monday, 27 May 2013

Northern Downhill Series Round 2, Kidland, Northumberland, May 4th & 5th 2013

Sorry forgot to do this earlier in the week chuck, it's Nick here.

This was the second round of the NDH and was at a track that I helped to build, really love it as it's super technical and steep which suits the FTW to a T, bang on!

The weather was excellent, I was beaming as much as the sun's rays coming down.  Had to bed-in the new disk brake pads on my first run, took it steady on the steep corners. as soon as they were bedded in the Hayes Primes were fantastic.

I quickly developed a real good flow and pretty much nailed my lines. I did have one interesting spill however... near the bottom of the track there was a sneaky inside that I had been taking, which I think a few others had started to do too, over time it brought out some shady roots that became like polished glass. I was pretty much pinned, the front wheel couldn't take it anymore and slid from under me...face to dirt interface. Back to the drawing board there then methinks!

Practice uplifts were running amazing, big respect to Carl Davidson for sorting them out. Even taking my time and chilling out for lunch I bashed out 10 or so runs, almost unheard of at any race event.

I took Sunday steady and got four runs in which went well without any dramas. Then came race time....  first run went well apart from a few silly stalls due to trying to hit some sections too fast.  Hey, this is the FTW Industries frame here y'know, it WANTS to go fast!

(Copyright Ian MacLennan)

I came down in third place which I was happy with but knew I had more in the tank, And with this in mind I set off on my second run.  Managed to shave off a little time but had a near miss right at the end, there was a section where you jump over some roots and immediately bear right around a tree down a shoot.  My bar skimmed the tree but I held it together.  I was promoted me to 2nd place however then shortly afterwards dropped down to 4th with the final riders crossing the line. 

Was really happy with the weekend, can't fault how well the Northern Downhill is being run and can't wait for the new FTW Industries bike to land.

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