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UK Gravity Round 2, Innerleithen, 27th & 28th April 2013

Seagull's 'ere!

So I guess this is a little late for the write up (Lee: yep.... been tapping my foot impatiently here!) but life's been getting busy for us both this year with the big house move!  Finally got around to it though, here's our take on round 2 of the UK Gravity Enduro Series. 

(The selfie!)

The race took place at the legendary mtb venue of Innerleithen.  This crazy hillside has been a favourite of ours for years, it dosen't seem to matter if you're crashing your brains out in the mud or spitting up dust in the dry!  It's actually claimed many injuries for both of us over the years, from broken wrists to dislocated fingers and torn ligaments. I first raced there on the back of The Development bus back in 1999 (back in the 'Teesdale Development' years!) if I remember correctly, but shit, that makes me feel old! Nonetheless the point is the place still totally rule the roost! It's fast, dangerous and damned fun.....

(Copyright of Steve Wyper)

Arriving at the venue on the Friday was an exciting time; last year's race totally favoured the downhillers with steep fast technical tracks, we expected more of the same again.  For me though it didn't really live up to the expectations, it seemed the emphasis was more on fitness than fun, not that there is anything wrong with that, it's just not really how my lazy arse does things!  They had three tracks I really loved though so I came home smiling any how!

(Copyright of Ian Linton)

It was great weekend regardless, it was challenging and that's what it's all about.  Results wise we were both pretty happy with how it turned out considering how physical it was.  By her own admission, Angie found the race demanding, she pushed damned hard though and put in some awesome times. She didn't finish as high as she'd have liked but she wasn't off the pace by a long chalk just a smidge back from the big dogs up front, she's putting up a good fight in the Elite women's category.

(Copyright of Ian Linton)

I struggled with the pedally tracks as usual, but dug deep and did my best, staying clean for most of the day.  Track 4 made the whole weekend for me, it was a blend of everything really, trail centre type stuff with an awesome natural start and finish, muddy as hell down a steep shoot!  My arms were battered but I was laughing my arse off the whole way.  After a long day I finished up in 16th position out of over 140 entrants in the Master's category, not too shabby. 

(Copyright of Steve Wyper)

Overall it was a tough weekend racing for us both and probably everyone else, but it was also good one too racing with our weapon freinds and being treated to huge curry on the saturday night made all the difference, thanks for the hospitality from or little flapjack-making friends!

Curry night; the lovely Tracy B at the back next to the Segull and Angie then T-Mo and James Richards

Oh, and I forgot the main thing, big thanks to the team boss Lee Walker for sorting us out in time for the race, not only with all the product support but if it wasnt for you Big Dog I wouldnt have had my bike ready in time to compete.  Big thanks for pulling some strings to get me sorted. :)
The Weapons! Seagull, Sarah Newman, Helen Gaskell, Angie Coates....muddy as hell and loving it!

Next up is round 3 or the Gravity Enduros at Hamsterley Forest, our local wrecking ground... We're both buzzing our socks off for that one!!!

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